Imani Home of Love – Current Projects

Through Imani Orphan Care current projects fund, we are able to meet many needs that will help Imani Home of Love provide for some general necessities, and improvements to the home.

Please consider donating today. All donations received through the current projects page will go directly towards providing for the needs listed below at Imani Home of Love.

Pit Latrine Toilets

We are requesting your assistance in providing toilets for some of our Imani kids relatives.  It is hard to imagine life without this simple necessity of having a toilet to use however this is the harsh reality that many of our kids’ families face.  Each toilet costs $750 CAD.  If you would like to be a part of giving this gift please click the link below.

Please note all gifts will be combined.

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Imani Home of Love Children’s Home Maintenance Fund

Just like we have to maintain our homes in Canada it is much the same for us at Imani in Kenya.  We have many maintenance expenses… Some examples are cleaning our septic system, maintaining our property and buildings, broken cupboards and beds just to name a few.  If you would like to be a part of giving a donation towards our maintenance fund please click the link below and all gifts will be combined to help us meet this urgent need.

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Imani Chapel Maintenance Fund

Our church and church land also have maintenance needs.  If you have a heart for this part of our ministry and you would like to help us meet our maintenance needs please click the link below.  Just like our children’s home all gifts will be combined in order to help us meet this urgent need.


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Fence for our Imani Chapel and Outreach Center Land

Imani is needing to repair the fence surrounding our 6-acre Imani Chapel and Outreach Center property.  We are located in a very isolated area and there are many wild animals that live among us.   Unfortunately, they are making their way onto our land as our current fence is worn out.  This is a huge need in order to keep our staff, church members, and outreach children safe.  The total cost for this project is $8500.00 CAD.  All gifts will be combined to help us meet this urgent need.


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Imani Outreach Center Building Costs

Imani is building an Outreach Center to assist the Maasai community at our church land more effectively.  This Outreach Center will make a huge impact as the families living in this area have a huge need of education and care for their children due to poverty.  Many of the children have sadly lost both or one of their parents.  Imani will be caring for 50 children in this center in the following ways.

  1. Giving children the opportunity to receive education
  2. Providing for the children’s school fees at the local school near our center
  3. Providing them with a new school uniform and school shoes yearly
  4. Providing the children with needed hygiene items
  5. Weekly programs will be held at our Center on Saturday and Sunday

The total cost to build our Outreach Center is $28,000.00 CAD.  This will be a gift that will change many lives.  All gifts will be combined to help us build this amazing Outreach Center.


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We are looking forward to our Outreach Center being an amazing place that our kids can come to communicate and write sponsor updates to their sponsor.  They can learn about the love of Jesus through our Bible and Sunday School teaching.  They can color and play games and do what our children in Kenya love the most to sing and dance.  Please consider giving towards the list of items that we will need to run our center.  Total cost for these items is $6000.00.  Please specify which item you would like to donate towards.  All gifts will be combined.


  • Camera- sponsorship photos $250
  • Sunday school teaching materials $300
  • Pens – crayons- and chalk- coloring books $100
  • Chalk board $500
  • Desk for Program Coordinator $200
  • Computer for program coordinator $700
  • Internet $150
  • Sporting equipment $200
  • Ping pong table $300
  • Simple Board games $100
  • 100 Maasai Bibles $1200
  • Tables – 4 large $1200
  • 8 large benches $800


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Thank you for supporting the urgent needs of Imani Home of Love.