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Imani Home of Love is located in Narok, Kenya a few hours west of Nairobi near the Maasai Mara game reserve an area known as one of the best places in Africa for safaris. This amazing orphanage currently cares for 83 incredible kids. Imani supports these kids in every area of their life. The kids are blessed with great care and a high level of education. Through the support of child sponsorship Imani can help meet all of our kid’s needs and we can help them to reach all of their goals of going to University ( located within walking distance from the orphanage) or developing a trade or skill that they can use when they are re- integrated back into their communities as adults. We need support for this home through child sponsorship for the kids currently in care to help us cover their monthly expenses. We also need funding to help with some of the larger projects that we are wanting to do to improve the home for the care of our kids. We are so blessed by the kids here and we are honored to be called by God to care for them.

The kids that live at the Imani Home of Love mainly come from the Maasai tribe.  The Maasai people still to this day live off of their land.  The Maasai show their wealth by the number of livestock that they have as well as the number of children that they have, being that the Maasai people are a polygamous tribe they have many children. This is one of the main reasons that Imani is working in this area as the girls from this tribe become an older man’s next wife as early as age 9 or 10 and they begin to have children also at a very young age. They are of value to their families or guardians simply due to the dowry (generally this is a gift of a cow) that the family will receive when they give their daughter to another man. We have met many Maasai wives in this area that are as young as age 14 and they already have as many as 3 children. Girls are rarely educated when from this tribe as their role is simply to bear children and the boys often don’t receive education either because they are given the job of being the herders of the livestock for their families.

Imani has an outreach ministry team that goes out to the Maasai villages to teach them about Jesus otherwise these people would never hear the good news and they would never have the opportunity to receive the joy of the Lord and the gift of eternal life.

Imani Home of Love is wanting to take in even more of God’s kids as there is a need in this area due to the polygamous lifestyle of the Maasai people as well as due to the AIDs epidemic in this area. Many kids are orphaned, abandoned, and often they are needing to be rescued out of unhealthy abusive situations. There is also a number of street kids in this area that are in need of a home.

Our dreams are BIG for this home and we see God doing the impossible in making our dreams a reality for our kids.

Please make a general one time donation to the Imani Home of Love or visit our child sponsorship page and become a sponsor to a child in need from this home.

Compound Wall

Our current main need for Imani Home of Love is to build a compound wall around the homes 4.2 acre property. The home currently just has temporary fencing however in Kenya it is very dangerous to not have a compound around your property as it is necessary for safety. Please help to make this home a safer place for the children and consider a donation today.

Estimated cost 69,000.00 CAD – Amount raised so far 51,000.00 CAD – towards 3 compound walls (Currently Built)

Remaining funds needed to complete the final compound wall is – $18,000.00 CAD

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I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord”, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11