History of Imani Orphan Care Foundation

Imani Orphan Care Foundation was founded by Kim Lee in 2010. This registered Canadian Charity is based out of Abbotsford, BC Canada and provides orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya, East Africa with care; food, clean water, shelter, clothing, hygiene items, love, medical care, and education. In Swahili the word Imani means Faith. Kim and her husband Geoff named Imani Orphan Care Foundation after their daughter Kennedy Faith who was stillborn in December of 2006. Through Imani, this family’s deep loss is now bringing HOPE too many!

Before going to Kenya God was speaking to the couple about working with and helping orphaned and vulnerable children in the world. Kim would have dreams at night of children pulling at her and she felt a real sense of urgency. The dreams did not stop until she traveled to Kenya to see what God had in store for their family. Kim and Geoff visited Kenya in June of 2010 for their first time. During this initial trip they visited the Mombasa area, which is the 2nd largest city in Kenya and is situated on Kenya’s coast. They visited many orphan homes in Mombasa as well as areas north and south of the city.


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They were confident that God had something quite special in store for them; however, nothing could prepare them for the great need that they witnessed. They knew that they were exactly where God wanted them to be but still had difficulty handling what they observed.

Upon returning from Kenya in July 2010, Kim was filled with an undeniable passion to help these defenseless children that she and her husband had been blessed to meet. And so a great story began and Imani Orphan Care Foundation had now begun.

The vision that God has given Kim for this ministry is BIG. As Kim remains faithful and obedient in moving forward with the foundation, she continues to watch Imani grow. Kim is quite simply a regular person; a mother of 2 boys. She is not one for the spotlight, yet she humbly puts herself out there, continually, to give these children a voice. Kim is so thankful that she said YES to God; so much could have been lost had she said no.

God has grown Imani Orphan Care Foundation since the start in 2010 and He continues to bless this ministry. Kim and Geoff feel so thankful that they get to experience such love for the many incredible kids that God has placed in their lives.

A bit about us

Imani Orphan Care is a registered Canadian Charity that supports children and families in need in Kenya, East Africa.

These precious children were abandoned by their families, orphaned or rescued from an unhealthy situation. We support these children through child sponsorship and self-sustaining projects.

Through our Child Sponsorship Program, you can help to pay for a child’s food, education, healthcare and spiritual instruction. For just $40/month (just over $1 per day) you can truly impact a child’s life.

Our goal is to help offer these disadvantaged children the opportunity to gain tools, skills and knowledge, so that they can create a better future for themselves. A sustainable approach that transforms lives.